We would like express how important it is that everyone – youth and adults – try and attend our General Meetings.  We have a lot to talk over and lot of new ideas that have been put to our executive.  We would like the member’s point of view on these subjects. This is your club; the executive members are here to do what is best for the members.  Please help up out with your ideas and if you have questions ask us we will try and find the answers. If you don’t voice your opinion we can only do what we think is best.       IT’S UP TO YOU, THE MEMBERS TO DECIDE!


The members of the Bertie Willoughby Saddle Club Executive Members for 2018 are:


President – Amber Gilbert  905-321-8260

Vice President – Jim Wiley

Treasurer – Vaughn Gibbons    905-931-9535

Secretary – Pat Wiley                905-386-6947

Show Manager – Roy Wiley      905-386-6947

Assist Show Manager – Bill McMahon


Directors – Lori McMahon      289-241-6487

– Suzy Walter           905-358-1477

– Kathy Powers        905-401-4693

– Dorothy Powers    905-646-8768

– Kim Wiley

– Breeann Wiley


Junior Directors – Fionna Wiley

                          – Jennelle McMahon

                          – Taylor Damico

                         – Tyler Gilbert


Publicity/ Social/ Newsletter – Amber Gilbert

                                             – Fionna Wiley

                                             – Kathy Powers